Monday, November 3, 2014

Microsoft Ends Retail Sales of Windows 8.


Windows 8 is on its way to retirement after Microsoft decided to...
end retail sales of the operating system.
As of Oct. 31, retailers will no longer be able to order more Windows 8 to sell beyond their existing stock, although it can be bought installed on a new p.c. Microsoft is shifting basis to Windows 10 which is expected by middle of next year but there's no set date yet.

Windows 8 operating system went on sale on Oct. 26 of 2012 and it will continue to be supported by the company until 2023.

Windows 8 was a significant departure from the classic Windows look and feel, bringing in a tiled start screen which was met with a lot of opposition especially from businesses worried about retraining staff.

Thus, Microsoft may be happy to introduce a new operating system but research has shown that people tend to gravitate towards new operating systems very slowly. According to figures from NetMarketShare, Windows 8 and 8.1 account for 16.8 percent of PC's connecting to the web, while Windows 7 has 53% of the market. The antique Windows XP still holds onto 17.2% of the market shares.
 I am a huge fan of windows 8 though..
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