Monday, November 3, 2014

An American Tries To Escape Namibian Prison!

                                                (Townsend in front and Tomas behind)
According to Associated Press, an American tried to escape a...
prison in  the Namibian Capital Windhoek, but was caught. The L.A native Marcus Kevin Tomas and another American national Kevin Townsend were charged with killing a Namibian citizen. They were arrested in 2011 and charged for murder, armed robbery and illegal possession of firearms and Ammunition.
Marcus Kevin Tomas reportedly climbed a tree in the Windhoek central prison and tried to jump over a barbed wire fence but landed on the fence instead. The authorities found Tomas hanging on the barbed wire fence and called emergency services to remove him. Tomas had injuries on the upper part of his body and on his feet. A cellphone, cutting tools and a map from Windhoek to Swakopmund ( a coastal town 220 miles away) was found on Tomas.
Tomas  and Townsend  are  yet to stand trail and were not granted bail. Tomas was self employed and Townsend, a New York native was a student.

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