Monday, November 3, 2014

Gun Men Attack A Prison In Nigeria And Free 144 Inmates!

The Koton Karfe prison in Kogi State of Nigeria came under attack by...
gunmen on Sunday night. The comptroller of prisons, Adams Omale, told reporters that the prison came under attack by gunmen between 9:30 pm and 10:00 pm Sunday night (Nov. 2).
He stated that 145 inmates were in the prison at the time, with 26 of the inmates convicted and 119 still awaiting trial.

The comptroller also revealed that 12 of the inmates either came back on their own or were re-arrested and that the police were deployed almost immediately to counter the attacks but the damage had already been done before their arrival.

The Facility which was built in 1934 came under attack in Feb. of 2012 and 136 inmates were freed and 27 were re-arrested. Among those freed on Sunday night were armed robbers and murderers.
The iron bars in the prison were removed and the records office thoroughly ransacked.

The Governor of the State, Idris Wada, promised to provide beds and mattresses and added it was unbelievable that the inmates still slept on bare floors.
The Governor  assured  the residents of the Government's commitment to secure lives and properties; adding that there was no cause for alarm.
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