Sunday, October 19, 2014

Here's A feel Good News For The Weekend: A Five Year Old Boy Gets 3D Prosthetic Helping Hand.

watch video below

A Texas boy, Keith Harris, born with a medical condition known as symbrachydactyly, which basically means one of his hand did not fully develop, was given a helping hand by a global group of volunteers in form of a 3D printed hand.
 The kindergartner, apparently had a traditional prosthetic hand that  he was already using and which would be very uncomfortable when he outgrows it. His parent would have had to pay $40,000 to get him a new traditional prosthetic hand but the group of volunteers stepped in and printed a 3D prosthetic hand for him at the cost of  $45-$50. The group will also replace it as he outgrows it.
Keith and his family are happy as you would imagine especially because Keith is happy people wouldn't be staring a him anymore.

                                                             source: digital


  1. This is just so kind and lovely. God bless them real good.

  2. This is how to live. Love it. Happy for the little Man.