Saturday, October 25, 2014 Domain Sold For A Fortune.

The entrepreneur, Jon Schultz AKA 'Merchant Of Death', has...
sold the domain '' for $214,000. The entrepreneur announced early in mid-October, that he intended to sell the domain for $150,000 but thanks to the constant media coverage of the spread of the virus, he ended up getting more. The site provides information about the virus and an access point to donate to the Doctors without Borders'.
Schultz bought the domain a little over 10,000 euros in 2008, then Ebola was not as popular in the Western World as it is today.
 His strategy is to buy generic sites to monetize. His company also owns, and also other deadly epidemics like, Chikungunya disease or Marburg Virus,  a virus in The Caribbean Region. Asked why he bought, he said after watching the 1995 movie Outbreak, he became fascinated by it and could not resist buying the domain.

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