Monday, October 14, 2013

A Picture Worth A Thousand Words! J.Lo And Boy Toy Casper's Relationship Heading Down Hill.

The couple were last  photographed together on the 21st of September; according to Radar, since then , reports claim that they have attended at least an event together but were not photographed together as the couple always did in the past.
The last event was the Human Rights Campaign National dinner on October 5th, in Washington D.C, where J.Lo was a guest of honor and Smart was in attendance too but didn't walk the red Carpet or take any photograph with J.lo. Sources revealed that the relationship has basically run its course.

Jenny McCarthy Is At Risk Of Losing Her Spot On The Popular Talk Show 'The View'.

According to Radar, the former playboy mate,Jenny McCarthy,40, may be at risk of losing her spot on the view. A production source reportedly told Radar that the newest co-host of the ABC's show job, is hanging on a thin thread. The source claims that the problem is that Jenny is unable to connect with the viewers. The source claims that ABC began a deep research on Jenny's work on the show and there are indications that viewers want to tune out whenever she starts talking.

Meet Leo's New Gal.

Leonardo DiCaprio's latest love interest is none other than 24-year-old international model Kat Torres. Torres, 24, spoke to Brazilian Newspaper Extra, revealing that she dating is Leo. Torres was 2012 Miss Caieiras beauty queen. She also revealed that they met in Cannes.

Tuck It In Miley! Your Coated Tongue Is Giving Away Your Health Secrets.

After Cher Called out on Miley to stop sticking out her tongue because of the thick coating, Oral Hygiene experts have echoed that the 67-year-old pop legend is in fact correct with her statement. The experts reveal that a coated tongue is indicative of stress, candidiasis or oral thrush.The co-founder of Daya, supported Cher's statement and added that the tongue is a window through which one can see what's happening in a person's body. She stated that color, coating and cracks are all indicators of the state of someone's health. Daya, added that a healthy tongue has a thin, white and moist coating and any deviation indicates possible problem. Dr, Uchenna Okoye, an Oral B doctor, agrees that a thin coating is normal but a thick coating could indicate candidiasis or oral thrush, which is fungus.
Please Miley, take in the tongue already, even without these health facts, sticking out one's tongue is disgusting in and of itself!

A Couple That Dresses Together Stay Together! Beyonce And Jay -Z Went Out for A Romantic Dinner In Paris In Matching Outfits.

Beyonce and Jay-Z were spotted in matching outfits as they went for a romantic dinner T La Petite Maison De Nicole in Paris on Sunday. They couple are both touring the world separately but managed to squeeze out time to dine together.They both looked good in their matching denim tops and leather trousers. Seems Blue Ivy was left at home.

Heidi Klum And Seal ReUnite 2 Years After split For Daughter's Birthday.

Heidi Klum and Seal seem to have put their differences aside. The couple's 7-year marriage crashed in January of 2012 and it seemed then there was a lot of bad blood between them but amazingly they were seen in Malibu, hugging and sharing a warm kiss as they celebrated their daughter's birthday.

In one the the photos taken and as posted below, Heidi is seen brushing off Seal's jumper.

Heidi and Seal have three children together, Henry Gunther Ademola Dashto Samuel, Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel and LOu Sulola Samuel. The couple got married on a beach in Mexico in May 2005. Glad to see they are making it work.

New Photos Show Britney Spears Looking Weightier Than Her Images In Her Work B**** Video. AirBrush Anyone?

New photos of Britney Spears have surfaced revealing some digital airbrushing on the star's images in her Work B**** video which appears to have made make her look trimmer.The images were released by HOAX Films, the visual effects studio that worked on the video. Britney seemed to display a bigger frame before the film was edited. According to Radar, HOAX put out the unedited shots and quickly took them down. It is without doubt though that the star is looking trimmer of late.

Robin Thicke Defends His Blurred Lines Lyrics. Says He Wrote The Song For His Wife.

Well, there are some controversies surrounding Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines Lyrics. Some say the I know you want it and let me liberate ya lyrics are offensive and derrogatory to women. Robin Thicke stepped up recently in an interview on BBC's Newsbeat at 1Xtra Live in Liverpool. The 36-year-old now says the song 'Blurred Lines" is about his wife Paula Paton,37.

He said in the interview that the erotic lyrics were harmless and intended to celebrate his 20 year relationship with his wife Paula. The singer and his wife got married in 2005. The couple met in high school and began dating when Robin was 16 years old. The song has sold over 1.36million copies.

Kim Kardashian Spills The Secret!

Have you been wondering how Kim Got Her Body Back? well she won't keep you guessing any longer. The Reality TV star revealed in a tweet that she got her fabulous body back by doing the Atkins diet. She said in her tweet, I've actually been doing the Atkins diet and luv it'.
The Atkin diet is reportedly based on lots of lean protein and less carbs. Its reported that Kim eats lean Protein, healthy fats like nuts and avocado, fruits ,veggies and cheese. Stars like Rihanna and Sharon Osbourne have also reportedly tried the diet.
As of August ,the star has reportedly lost  30 pounds.