Monday, October 14, 2013

Tuck It In Miley! Your Coated Tongue Is Giving Away Your Health Secrets.

After Cher Called out on Miley to stop sticking out her tongue because of the thick coating, Oral Hygiene experts have echoed that the 67-year-old pop legend is in fact correct with her statement. The experts reveal that a coated tongue is indicative of stress, candidiasis or oral thrush.The co-founder of Daya, supported Cher's statement and added that the tongue is a window through which one can see what's happening in a person's body. She stated that color, coating and cracks are all indicators of the state of someone's health. Daya, added that a healthy tongue has a thin, white and moist coating and any deviation indicates possible problem. Dr, Uchenna Okoye, an Oral B doctor, agrees that a thin coating is normal but a thick coating could indicate candidiasis or oral thrush, which is fungus.
Please Miley, take in the tongue already, even without these health facts, sticking out one's tongue is disgusting in and of itself!

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