Sunday, October 19, 2014

Couple Gets Stuck Together In The Surf While Doing What Comes Naturally.


A couple who visited the Porto San Giorgio, in the Marche region of Italy, a deserted and romantic beach, decided to take their love up a notch by making out inside the water. While the idea may sound romantic and even pleasurable for them, it didn't quite end as they anticipated. You see, problem arose when the couple were done and the man wanted to get up only to find out he was stuck inside his lady. Apparently, the fact that they were inside the water, created a suction problem which made it impossible for him to withdraw.
This phenomenon is common in animals on land, especially dogs but in humans, the experience can be highly unpleasant and uncomfortable. The couple were stuck in water and inside each other, stranded and embarrassed until a woman handed them a towel and called emergency .
They were taken to the hospital where the lady was given a shot to dilate her uterus to enable the man get out. Well, hope it was all worth it for them because the ordeal sounds excruciating for one human being to go through, let alone two.

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