Sunday, October 19, 2014

CDC Confirms: Dead Passenger Who Flew From Nigeria To JFK Did Not Have Ebola.


A 63 year old man who died aboard a flight from Nigeria to JFK on Thursday the 16th has been declared not to have ebola by  CDC. The man was said to have vomited before he died, sparking fear that he may have ebola.
 Nigeria was one of the West African Countries that had cases of ebola but was able to contain and stop the spread of the virus after 19 confirmed cases. WHO on Friday, announced that another West African Country, Senegal, was ebola free, after the country successfully contained the spread of the virus. A similar announcement is being awaited to declare Nigeria ebola free after 42 days ( twice the maximum number of days for incubation period) of  no reported new cases.

                                                            photo credit: Richard Vandervord

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