Monday, November 3, 2014

Meet The 60- Year- Old Toy Boy Who Tied The Knot With A 100- Year- Old Woman!


Marfa Plotnikova, 100, recently wed Afanasii Harin, 60, after..
meeting each other in a nursing home home.
According to sources at the nursing home, Harin has a great sense of humor and would always make Plotnikova laugh  every time. The source also revealed that the couple would often take walks together and before anyone knew what was going on, their relationship had blossomed into true love.
Plotnikova is wheelchair bound and has outlived her husband and two children while Afanasii is blind and had spent his entire life at the nursing home after being abandoned  at birth.
The couple spent 11 years together at the nursing home before deciding to tie the knot.

The 60-year-old said in an interview. " a lot of people will think this is strange but I don't care...Love is one of the most important things and I wanted to show the ultimate expression of that by taking  Marfa for my wife...I have never seen her but I can touch her face and for me , she's beautiful...They say love is blind, I guess we are living proof of that".

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