Thursday, October 23, 2014

Melissa Rivers Inherits $ 75 Million in Cash and $35 Million New York Apartment From Her Late Mom, Joan Rivers.


Melissa River, 42, the daughter of late Joan Rivers, has inherited most of
her mother's multi-million dollar estate.
 According the daily mail UK, Melissa has inherited $75 million in cash and her mother's New York Apartment worth $35 million.
Joan Rivers also left off something for her 13 years old grandson, Copper but it wasn't revealed. The source also reported that inheriting her mother's estate has not brought her much comfort because of the death of her mother. She also reportedly declined an autopsy on her mother apparently because she's still dealing with grief over her loss. Apparently New York Law allows for a family member to decline for an autopsy to be done if there's no criminality associated with the death.

photo credit: Landoy Barcroft Media

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