Thursday, October 23, 2014

Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg Speaks Chinese in Beijing Visit.

Mark Zuckerberg opened up greeting remarks in Mandarin language while
speaking to students at the Tsinghua University Students. The Facebook social website has been banned by the Chinese authorities for the past 5 years but the CEO is bent on infiltrating the massive market.
He showed off his Chinese language skills by holding a 30 minutes interactive session entirely in Mandarin language. Asked by the host why he wanted to learn Chinese, Mark Zuckerberg said that his wife Priscilla is Chinese and that her family are also Chinese and that he told her grandmother about his intention to marry Priscilla in Chinese.
Mark Zuckerberg had revealed in 2010 that learning Mandarin was his personal challenge of the year. Mark and Wife Priscilla got married in 2012.
Video Source: Youtube

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