Friday, October 4, 2013

"when you end up in a psych ward or rehab, i'll visit you", Sinead O'Connor tells Miley Cyrus for making fun of her mental breakdown.

So we did submit a post yesterday of Miley's racy pics and jab at Sinead O'Connor for telling her not to allow music industry make a prostitute of her. Well it seems the drama is heating up and there is no prediction as to how this new drama will end. We are sure of one thing though, Miley will stretch it to its limit to draw the very last attention to her ongoing quest for rebellion. You know what they say or rather do,' in hollywood, anything for attention goes'. Sinead may have been intrusive for being more direct, but everyone is sure thinking it and saying it; but mostly indirectly.

"The 46-year-old singer posted a third open letter to Miley, 20, on her Facebook page accusing her of causing 'enormous distress, harassment and the potential to damage my career'.
And in response to Miley's previous invitation to meet up and discuss the argument in person, Sinead wrote: 'I have no interest in or desire to cause you trouble but if you do not apologise for having deliberately tried to cause me hurt and trouble personally and professionally I will have to bring pressure upon you.
'When you end up in the psych ward or rehab I'll be happy to visit you.. and would not lower myself to mock you.'

It just began people!

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