Friday, October 4, 2013

The Dental Hygienist who was shot dead after slamming her car into the White House suffered delusion due to Postpartum Depression.

The dental hygienist who was shot dead yesterday suffered delusion due to postpartum depression. She thought Obama was stalking her.
The Connecticut mother who was shot dead by police yesterday after ramming a White House barrier with her young daughter in the car. She thought President Obama was stalking her, law sources said today.

Last night her mother revealed the 34-year-old has suffered from postpartum depression since giving birth to her daughter Erica last year.
These revelations are the first clues as to what led a seemingly happy dental hygienist to snap and drive her Infiniti luxury sedan 270 miles from her home in suburban Stamford to Washington, DC - where her rampage put the nation's capital on lock-down Thursday.

So Sad.

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