Friday, October 4, 2013

Sinead O'Connor hits out at Miley Cyrus Again for mocking Amanda Bynes' mental breakdown, say ' It was a nasty thing to do'

It has become  a war of words. The rift between Miley Cyrus and Sinead O’Connor  doesn't seem to be mending anytime so soon..
'The 46-year-old singer called Miley ‘nasty’ for posting a tweet which said ‘Before Amanda Bynes… There was…' accompanied by a screengrab of Sinead’s old Twitter account in which the singer asked for psychiatric help.
Miley’s tweet came after Sinead wrote an open letter warning the 20-year-old star not to let the music industry ‘prostitute’ her and after much back and forth between the pair, Sinead appeared on Ireland’s The Late Late Show on Friday to give her side of the story.'

She however stated later in the interview that she didn't think that Miley intentionally set out to hurt Amanda Bynes. She remarked that the music industry was being murdered and that her recent remarks had more to do about that fact than Miley. She however stated that she was done talking about the Miley's Incident.

Let keep our fingers crossed

What's with the facial tatoos  btw?

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