Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mom Beheaded by Son , Identified As Farmingdale State College Professor.

Patricia Ward, 66, was savagely murdered on Tuesday by her chronically unemployed son
, Derek Ward, 35, for no known reason. Patricia Ward worked  at the Farmingdale state college for 28 years. Derek  her son, lopped off her head and dumped her body on Long Island street before jumping in front of a train, in what seems to be  grisly murder-suicide.
A detective at the news conference said there were signs of trauma, broken ribs and multiple stab wounds.
Derek Ward battled psychiatric problem over a decade. He murdered his mother in her home in Farmingdale N.Y.
Horrified neighbors mistook the gruesome killing as a Halloween prank.
Derek after leaving his mother's torso and on either side of the Secatogue road and walked three blocks to the Long Island Rail Road Station and dived in front of a train. killing himself.

Photo Credit: Farmingdale State College

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