Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Maine State Police Stationed Outside The House Of Ebola Nurse Kaci Hickox!

Kaci Hickox , 33, was the first health worker to be forcibly Quarantined after arrival from..
Sierra Leone in West Africa. The nurse had traveled to Sierra Leone with the Doctors Without Boarders Group to treat ebola patients but on her return to the U.S, she was forcibly quarantined in New Jersey but was later released to observe a 21 days voluntary quarantine in her home in the state of Maine.

Now, the issue is that she has returned to her home in Maine and has refused to observe the 21 days voluntary quarantine, insisting that she is not a danger to the public.The nurse told NBC'c Matt Lauer that, she would not be bullied by politicians to stay in her home when she doesn't pose any risk to the public.

The Maine Governor, Paul LePage said that because Kaci Hickox, had publicly stated that she was not going to comply with the protocols, thereby putting herself and the whole community at risk, the state will be seeking legal authority to  enforce the quarantine. At the moment the state police is stationed outside her house to prevent her from leaving.

Photo credit: UT-Arlington AP

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