Thursday, October 30, 2014

Microsoft Unveils Health Tracking, Fitness Gadget!

In an attempt to challenge Apple and other competitions in the pristine  market of wearable devices,
Microsoft has unveiled a $199 fitness band. The new band will work with Microsoft's new Health System for consolidation of health and fitness data from various gadgets and  mobile Apps.
This idea is unique in that Microsoft Health system will be working with other phones not just those running on Windows.
The band will help you pay for coffee, preview incoming emails and calendar alerts and also any other information requested through the company's Cortana virtual assistant.
Cortana will require windows phone to work but other features can work with Apple and other Android phones.
Today's release of Microsoft fitness band comes after the much anticipated release of the Apple watch but unlike the Apple smart watch, the Microsoft band focuses mainly on fitness thus not an all purpose smart watch.
The band will have 10 sensors more than the regular fitness bands out there. It will track your heart rate, sleep , UV light and distance traveled. The company is partnering with Starbucks in order to generate barcodes to make retail purchases with the band. through stored gift cards.

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