Thursday, October 30, 2014

Maine Governor, Paul LePage Vows To Use Full Extent Of Authority On Ebola Nurse.

Paul LePage, the governor of Maine has vowed to use full extent of authority against Kaci Hickox, the nurse ..
who returned from Sierra Leone after treating ebola patients, but wouldn't submit herself to 21 days voluntary quarantine order.
Kaci Hickox, tested negative to ebola virus upon her arrival to U.S from Sierra Leone but was still ordered by the state of Maine to subject herself to voluntary quarantine for 21 days, which is the maximum incubation period for the Virus. If the nurse had agreed to the voluntary quarantine, she'd be done on the 10th of November but she has also vowed to sue the state of Maine for infringing on her rights.
The governor made this remark on Thursday after Hickox left her house and took a bicycle ride. The governor revealed also that his office had been in talks overnight trying to work out a deal on how Hickox would serve out the remaining days of the quarantine, which may include allowing her to take a bike ride but keeping a safe distance of 3 feet (90cm) from other people.

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