Thursday, October 30, 2014

Kris Creation! Bruce Jenner's Romance With Ronda Kamihira Engineered By Kris Jenner For A Storyline on The KUWTK Show!


Anything for fame right? Well, Daily Mail U.K is reporting that the story of..
Bruce Jenner's Romance with Kris Jenner's Best friend, Ronda Kamihira, may all be a ruse.
Kris was reportedly crying and devastated about her estranged husband's relationship with her best friend but a close source says it is all an act for the KUWTK show. According to Daily Mail U.K, a close source revealed to Radar online that Kris stirred up the story line for the show and that Bruce had become suspicious of her estranged wife in the wake of the rumors.
The source also revealed that during a recent filming with Kris, the two had argued about Bruce spending time with Ronda, 'the source added that the issue came from nowhere, and Bruce quickly realized he had been set up.
Apparently Kris is making a big deal about the relationship for the show.
 Bruce was spotted with Ronda at the Elton John's Concert on October 4, together with his daughter-in-law, Leah.

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