Monday, October 27, 2014

TopShop Patners With Beyonce to Launch A New Line of Athletic Street Wear.

Beyonce, the 33 years old songstress, has never hidden her love for the Top Shop brand ,so
the company decided to collaborate with the star to produce an athletic street line which will be launched sometime this year.
The forth coming brand  named 'Parkwood Topshop Athletic', is targeted towards women and will include a range of clothing and accessories for dance, fitness and sporting activities. The owner of TopShop, Sir Phillip Green, said in a statement that, Beyonce is one of the hard working and talented people in the world and that working with her is a unique opportunity to develop the line.
This collaboration is seen as a beginning of a new era for the songstress. Well, lets say it will afford a lot of Beyonce's fans to share a wardrobe with the her.
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