Monday, October 27, 2014

Mayfair Club Under Fire For 'Ebola' Themed Halloween Party.


The exclusive London Club, Mayfair, has..
ditched the idea of 'ebola' themed Halloween party after they came under fire by critics for being insensible.. The promoters have now re-branded the party theme from 'Saturday Night Ebola Fever' to 'Saturday Night Fever'.
The ebola themed party was being promoted by Mom& Dad Promoters at Scotch of St. James, a one time hangout for Rock stars like Sir Paul McCartney, Jimi Hendrix and Rod Stewart.
A flyer was sent out on their Facebook  page, inviting over 800 people to the party with the word 'ebola' in a font style evoking old fashioned horror movies but the promoters soon took it down because of the flood of comments by critics.
A spokesperson for the promoters said that , they had intended to cancel the Nov.1 event but later choose to rename it and that they hope to raise 1,500 Pounds in donation to The Doctors Without Boarders Charity.

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