Friday, October 17, 2014

The Fear of Ebola Virus and What You Need To Know.

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Like I said earlier, we seem not to be catching a break from this virus anytime soon. You can hardly wake up these days without Ebola news staring at you in the face and mostly in a negative way. But like the saying goes, 'information is power' , it becomes pertinent therefore, that we at least  have a little knowledge about this virus and figure out how to stay protected from it and also reduce the spread.

First, Ebola is not new, its been here for decades. It naturally lives in animals, mostly in Sub-Saharan Africa and bats are the natural reservoirs of the virus. The first two recorded cases were in 1976.  Humans can get infected by eating bush-meat or through feces and humans can spread the various via saliva, blood and other bodily fluids.
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Ebola has no cure and high mortality rate of 70%. There was no adequate response in time from countries that were worst hit due to poor health care systems and it seems there's  lack of preparedness too from the developed countries as the recent couple of incidence here in the US can be testament to that fact. There is no adequate fund to combat the spread of the various and just yesterday,  the UN reportedly fell short of the $1. billion targeted Ebola Fund goal.
Stigmatization  doesn't help as it will hinder people from telling the truth which is key in the fight to stop the spread of the various.
Avoid being in congested places and maintain a good personal hygiene. Seek medical help for fever of 99.5 degrees or higher, diarrhea and vomiting.When exhibiting symptoms, avoid contact with  other persons and avoid travelling so as to help the effort to stop the spread. We can all beat this virus if we work together. Stay Safe.

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