Friday, October 17, 2014

Oh Dear! The 2nd Nurse Infected With Ebola May Have Had Symptoms Sooner Than Reported.


photo credit :WXIA-TV

It seems we can't catch a break with this Ebola Virus trend. is reporting that the CDC has information that suggest that the nurse, Amber Vinson , may have been exhibiting symptoms four days before they were contacted.
Vinson was on board Frontier airlines flight on Oct.10 from Dallas to Cleveland and returned with same airline 3 days later. This new information has caused the airline to notify up to 800 passengers. It is noteworthy to state that the virus can be transmitted when the infected person becomes symptomatic. The airline expanded the list of passengers to contact because the same plane was used at least five times after Vinson flew in it. The nurse contracted Ebola while treating Thomas Duncan who unfortunately died from the virus. She was hospitalized on Tuesday, 2 days after she returned from Cleveland to Dallas aboard a Frontier Airline's flight.

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