Friday, October 11, 2013

Selma Blair Goes Naughty: Shows Off Boobs In A Naughty Top!

Selma  Blair was seen out and about in Los Angeles on Friday but it was not much of the star's presence  that drew attention but the pair of breasts on her T-shirt. The 41-year-old star wore skinny jeans and a black cardigan but her T-shirt left people guessing and coming back for a second look.
 The star acted like she didn't know that she was drawing attention . Selma was recently fired from the comedy show Anger Management after criticizing co-star Charlie sheen for his work ethic. She played Dr. Kate Wales and she appeared in 33 episodes over two seasons. It was reported by TMZ that Charlie Sheen refused to come to work until Selma was fired and she was. She's allegedly demanding $1.2 million for compensation for lost wages.

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