Friday, October 11, 2013

Miley Opens Up to Ellen About Split From Liam Hemsworth.

The Last time the 20-year-old was on Ellen DeGeneres show was in November 2012, the host gave her a  surprise engagement party with male strippers. Miley returned to the show, on Friday October 11th, after her split from her ex Liam.

Ellen asked her if she remembered the engagement party to which Miley replied, ' do you want your money back? . Ellen joked that she wanted a refund and that she noticed that Miley liked the male strippers. Miley also joked that she should've kept one of the male strippers number.

Miley had fun on a wrecking ball in a skit based on her video.

Oh!. Miley and Ellen both stuck out their tongue to imitate Miley's controversial signature look.

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  1. lol Miley Cyrus...on a wrecking ball #classic