Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Lohan Family In Trouble Again: Lindsay and Brother Michael Being Sued For $60 Million!

The Manhattan Supreme Court Judge, Saliann Scarpula, has issued a restraining order, barring..
Lindsay Lohan and her brother Michael from working on their fashion e-commerce app vigme after their former business partner, Fima Potik, sued them for $60 million claiming they stole the idea from him.
The order restrains them from launching, promoting or marketing the virtual closet app ,Vigme.

Potik claims that in 2013, the Lohans and his roommate Christopher Roth,  became equity members of 'Spotted Friends' and that he (Potik) provided a beta version of the app and marketing  materials.
The app allows people to view virtual closets of celebrities and friends and then buy the items.
Potik claims that months later, he figured out that the Lohans had launched another app called Vigme which according to him is a virtual clone of Spotted Friends app. He added that the Vigme's mobile application is nearly identical to Spotted Friends' design and layout.
Thus, Potik is suing for theft of design, layout and functionality of Spotted Friends app and also for blatantly violating their contractual and fiduciary duties.

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