Saturday, November 8, 2014

Meet The Man Who Wants To Be Swallowed Alive By An Anaconda, While Being Filmed!

Paul Rosolie,26, a Naturalist and Amazon Forest Fanatic wants to be swallowed alive by an anaconda ( Which can measure more than 30 feet) while being filmed.

The Images captured by Rosolie while in the belly of the snake will be shown on the Discovery Channel on Dec.7th in a special program called ' Eaten Alive'.
The program is already being bashed by animal rights activists who are calling it animal abuse in the highest degree.
Paul Rosolie first visited the Amazon Rain-forest in Peru at age 18 and has been a fan of the reptiles since then.
Anacondas usually feed on Pigs, capybaras (Giant Hamsters), caimans and are known to crush their prey before devouring.

Oh dear! hope he makes it out alive.

Photo Credit : Facebook

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