Thursday, November 6, 2014

Kate Middleton Pregnant With Twins?

According to recent reports, Kate Middleton and Prince William may be having twins.
The Duchess of Cambridge has  passed her first trimester but still no mention of the sex of her baby and this fact has allowed speculations to grow.
Recently an Australian publication claimed a source revealed to Star Magazine that the Duke and Duchess were having twins. The source claimed this fact due to Kate's reaction when she saw the ultrasound Images. The source reportedly close to the royal couple said that they were delighted when they both saw the two tiny human beings adding that Kate's reaction was priceless, as her mouth dropped open and her eyes popped out of her head while she squealed, 'Oh My God".
However, Mirror UK contests that Kate couldn't be carrying twins because the royal announcement only made reference to one baby and not babies.

Well whether singleton or multiples, I am very happy for them and wishing her safe delivery in April, 2015.
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  1. I Agree what ever the sex we should just be happy for them, congrats Kate and william.