Saturday, October 18, 2014

Iggy Azelea in a Divorce Battle With Her Ex-Boyfriend!

Yeah you heard that right! How confusing is it for two people to be in a relationship and have different interpretations of the nature of the relationship? still with me? Don't worry, most people are confused with this story too. Apparently, Iggy Azelea's boyfriend, Hefe aka Maurice Williams filed for a divorce in the state of Texas claiming that he was married to Iggy Azelea under the Texas Law.
He is claiming that their relationship passes for a common law marriage under the Texas Law. Iggy claims no such intention was expressed or intended during the validity of their relationship but however acknowledged service of the divorce papers. She also expressed excitement over the development and I don't blame her because I too, want to know how this will be resolved. She also said that the ex is threatening to publish that she gave him std's if she doesn't settle out of court. If the latter is true, then I smell someone who wants a payday! Talk about a rude awakening.

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