Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Top 10 Healthiest Celebrities.

According to, These are the 10 healthiest celebrities. Do You agree?
1. J.Lo makes the list. She is a strict non-smoker and she completed a triathlon 7 months after giving birth to twins.
2.Cameron Diaz also made the list for being a regular gym visitor. She also surfs,snowboards, runs and skiis.

3. Jessica Alba also makes the list for her interest in healthy food and she never indulges in processed food. She lives strictly on organic foods.

4.Kate Bekinsale makes the list for her sensible balanced diet and regular exercise routine. She stays away from excessive training and constant pursuit for a perfect body.

5.Jennifer makes the list for her various exercise routines like cardio-training, weightlifting and plenty of yoga.

6. David Beckham makes the list for being a teetotaler and also strictly eating healthy food.

7.Jessica Biel makes the list for her intense workout with trainer consisting of weight training , stretches and cardio. She took part in a 6 day journey to Mount Kilimanjaro.

8.Tobey Maguire made the list because he abstains from alcohol and follow a strict vegan diet.

9.Gwyneth Paltrow is an advocate for good home cooking. She's released a cookbook with loads of healthy options.

10.Jake Gyllenhaal indulges in healthy eating and he visits the farmers market regularly . He also grows his own vegetables in a garden in his home.

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