Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Simon Cowell Not Quitting Smoking Anytime Soon But Promises Not To Smoke Around The Baby .

 Think Simon Cowell, think beautiful women; but the star has another hobby than being seen in the company of beautiful women: cigarettes. Yes, Simon Cowell, 54.has his cigarettes where ever he goes and he's not expected to give it up anytime soon, even for his soon to be born baby.A close source revealed that  Simon will not  quit smoking  for the baby, rather  he'll smoke outside the house. Lauren Silverman,36, is expecting the couple's baby in February of 2014 and they have been seen trying to buy a house in upmarket Manhattan. The couple is looking for a place that can afford Lauren opportunity to spend as much time as custody regulations will allow her, with her 7-year-old son Adam.

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