Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mirror, Mirror, What's The Gaga-est Of Them All?

You may have thought you had seen the strangest of Lady Gaga has to offer but it would seem the star is just getting warmed up. The popstar seemed to have beat her record for the strangest outfit yet. She treated her German fans, in Berlin, to a costume which is impossible to describe. The Applause singer Started off with a normal yellow dress with  giant, furry, orange sleeves, and topped it off with a furry hat ( we think) or is it a bag?. Gaga who is known for her controversial sense of style wore a meat dress once but we think this one tops it because of  the  lack of any known verbal description!
 Lady Gaga is in Germany to promote her new album ARTOP.
She tweeted: I'll be filming my Berliners as they hear ARTOP for the first time! I cannot wait, so excited I might puke in my purse!"

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