Saturday, October 12, 2013

Micheal Douglas Lied About His Type Of Cancer To Protect His Career.

Michael Douglas has admitted to lying about the type of cancer he had in order to protect his career. The two-time Oscar- winner admitted three years after the fact that  he was diagnosed with tongue cancer and not throat cancer as he previously claimed. Michael Douglas revealed this to Samuel L. Jackson, during the Special Male Cancer Awareness Week edition of ITV talk show.
The 69-year-old revealed that his cancer diagnosis came right before he had to go on a big tour for Wall Street and there was no way he was going to cancel the tour  so he decided to come right out and reveal he had cancer. He said his doctor had advised him to bend the truth a little and say he had throat cancer because the treatment for tongue cancer was going to be  very evasive and may hurt his career; he may have surgery and loose part of his jaw or tongue or  both, so he agreed to lie. He however didn't lie about the progression; it was still stage four, which is the most advanced.

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