Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Kris Jenner Defuses Her Sister Karen's Claim; Say's She's Been Dealing With Demons For Years.

Since Kris's separation from her ex-husband Bruce , her sister, Karen, has been on the media forefront trying to  impeach  kris's credibility as it relates to her recent marital woes.Karen reportedly told the media that Kris was responsible for her marital woes because of her controlling nature. Karen lately spoke to Star Magazine, claiming the Kris admitted to adultery. A source revealed that the sisters have not seen each other in a year. Kris revealed in an interview to Radar , that her sister has been dealing with demons for years  and that she is not in contact with her sister but  wishes her the best. Kris reportedly, is disappointed in her sister and ironically Kris has been helping Karen out financially and even bought her a brand new Mercedes.
Its been revealed that the sisters apparently have not had any discussion about Kris's private life in 28 years.

Well I think a decent person can not degenerate as low as Kris's sister to turn her sister's misfortune into a media feast but unfortunately, you can't do away with family. Wishing Kris the best of luck.

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