Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kanye on Kim Kontrol!

Thought you were done keeping up with Kim Kardashian? Hardly. Well there are reports springing up claiming that Kim Kardashian picked out her 15 Carat diamond engagement ring herself because she knew Kanye was going to propose. A close source revealed that Kim picked out her own Lorraine Schwartz engagement ring. The reality star,33, wanted a lorraine schwartz ring because she loves the jeweler's diamonds. Apparently she knew the proposal was happening but didn't know when. Kim's second husband Kris Humphries also got the 16.2 carat diamond ring he gave kim for their 2011 engagement form Loraine Schwartz, which he paid $200,000 to $300,000 for. Kris apparently paid less for the ring which originally was worth $2 million because of the publicity value and after the marriage , which lasted for 72 days collapsed, the ring resold for $749,000. The jeweler said, kanye got a huge discount like his predecessor Kris because of the publicity the ring will also get. Kanye apparently looked over 20 plus something rings before Kim gave her approval for flawless ring.
Although the ring wasn't meant to surprise Kim, the proposal on her 33rd birthday was.
The ring could be worth at least $3million but Kanye paid less than $500,000. And Yes, the Kanye ring is bigger than Kris's.

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